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Audi and GM announce they are withdrawing from Twitter, other automakers are staying on it

The businessman and majority shareholder of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently completed the purchase of the social network Twitter. It was not all without waves, given that Elon Musk created a shock wave in the company by announcing numerous cuts and directives that do not seem to please the employees.

Following the acquisition of Twitter, several car manufacturers announced that they had suspended their advertising investment and even left the social network, this is notably the case of Volkswagen.

We learn that Audi and GM have decided to follow suit and join the boycott. Not only have the two manufacturers withdrawn their advertising campaigns, but their Twitter account has remained silent since the takeover last October. Of course, the manufacturers seem to have decided not to encourage a competing manufacturer, especially since they can see in the purchase of Twitter a propaganda tool for Tesla, which would bring unfair competition, in their opinion.

Stellantis has also announced that it wants to take a break from the social network, as have other non-automotive companies, including United Airlines.

Some leaders have also remained silent since October, such as Maria Barra, the president of GM, who has stopped sharing her thoughts on Twitter since Mr. Musk took over the network. GM had explained that it wanted to withdraw advertisements by mentioning that a competitor could thus have access to campaign data.

Other automakers including Toyota, Honda, BMW and Nissan appear to be continuing their activities on Twitter.



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