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Another price drop for the Tesla Model X

Not very long after reducing the price of all its models, Tesla just applied another discount to its midsize SUV, the Model X. Everything was done in the ultimate discretion on its website late Sunday evening, without notice.

In Canada, that’s a $7,000 reduction for the entire Tesla Model X lineup, so the base model now starts at $135,990, while the ultra-high performance Plaid version now costs $149,990. , the same price as the Model S Poster.

In the United States, the reduction is even greater, and the Model X sees its price drop by US$10,000. There, the price cuts also affect the Model S sedan which now costs US$89,990, a reduction of 5.2% (US$5,000). The Model S Plaid, meanwhile, drops from $114,990 to $109,990 US. The Model X SUV now costs US$99,990, while a Model X Plaid retails for US$109,990.

During Tesla’s “Investor Day”, which was held on last March 1st , Elon Musk explained that the company had noticed a big change in the demand for its products following the price cuts in January. “The desire of consumers to buy a Tesla is very high, but many cannot afford one. We have noticed that very small changes in the price of models have a very large impact on demand. »

Elon Musk predicts that the more Tesla improves its assembly processes, the more it will be possible for the automaker to reduce the price of its models in the future. He says demand will go “crazy” when the manufacturer can sell models that are accessible to everyone.


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