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A new badge for Volvo

After Volkswagen, General Motors and Kia, it’s the turn of Volvo to propose a new badge. The trend of clean and simplistic badges inspired the Sino-Swedish manufacturer in the design of its new corporate image. For the manufacturer, this emblem represents a new chapter in its history as it turns to a new generation of electric vehicles.

Volvo has not issued any press releases or made any official announcements on its new badge. The change was made discreetly on its website and its social networks.

We still recognize the same circular design with the arrow pointing to the northeast, which is reminiscent of the symbols of man and the planet Mars. The badge actually refers to steel, in honor of the build quality of Volvo vehicles. The arrow symbolizes the geographical position of Sweden on Earth.

It is moreover this symbol which was affixed on the very first Volvo marketed in 1927. The new badge recalls precisely this first design by its simplicity in black and white; it drops the three-dimensional metallic and blue concept, which represents the excess of the 1980s.

The manufacturer has not mentioned which will be the first vehicle to receive its new badge, but everything suggests that it is the electric C40, the next novelty from Volvo. This vehicle will be introduced early next year. In a few weeks, RPM will be in Belgium to drive it to give you its impressions.

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