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What is ubigi land rover?

Ubigi is Transatel’s new customer-facing brand for worldwide cellular connectivity dedicated to the Internet of Things. The service offers “always connected” wireless capabilities to laptops, tablets, and automobiles, at near-to-local rates in over 150 countries and destinations.

Another frequent question is, what is ubigi Landrover? Ubigi® is Transatel’s customer-facing mobile data service, dedicated to global and secure connected car offers. Using the SIM card provided with your Jaguar Land Rover*, you can connect to the internet and enable the navigation and connectivity features of your vehicle’s infotainment system.

People also ask, how do you use ubigi? Open a browser on the mobile device and go to Create an account by entering their name, email address, and country, and choosing a username and password. The customer must review and accept the Ubigi terms and conditions. After clicking CREATE ACCOUNT they will be taken to their account home screen.

Also know, how do I find my ubigi password? – First deactivate WiFi and active Cellular/Mobile on the networks section: – Then open a browser and go to and you will see that you will be logged in automatically to your account. From there, you will be able to retrieve your username and password in the Settings tab of your account.

Additionally, how do I log into ubigi?

  1. Ensure your mobile device is connected to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot. (You can find the vehicle’s hotspot name and password on the touchscreen’s Wi-Fi or Hotspot setting.
  2. Open the Ubigi app or visit
  3. In the portal, enter your details along with your preferred username and password.

ASSISTANCE Ubigi’s ICCID It consists in 19 digits, starting with “8988247…” . It can be found in the original email we sent you with the Ubigi eSIM QR code. It can also be found in the emails we sent you when you purchased a data plan. Go to Settings > General, and scroll all the way down to the “ICCID” field.

How do I cancel my Ubigi account?

– On the Ubigi Monthly Plan you want to cancel, click on “Cancel my subscription” and “Confirm”: Your Ubigi Monthly Plan will appear as cancelled. Note: If you cancelled this data plan in the middle of the validity period, you will be able to use the remaining data until the last day of your current renewal.

What carrier does Ubigi use?

Ubigi is is an official mobile carrier of Apple and Microsoft. Ubigi offers high-end eSIM in 180 destinations with a large range of affordable prepaid data plans compatible with eSIM-enabled smartphones, cellular tablets and laptops.

Who is Ubigi com?

Ubigi is a global mobile connectivity service provider which offers eSIM. Ubigi provides free eSIM profile as well as local, regional, and international eSIM prepaid data plans. Thanks to Ubigi you will get immediate access to the Internet at affordable local roaming prices, in 180+ destinations.

How much data does Land Rover sat nav use?

As a very rough guide, typical usage consumes in the region of 100-500 MB of data per month.

What network is Ubigi UK?

Now a member of NTT Group, one of the largest telecom corporations in the world, Transatel is Europe’s leading MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) enabler. Ubigi operates seamlessly and consistently worldwide.

How do I connect my Range Rover to the Internet?

Is Ubigi safe?

Like physical SIM cards, eSIM such as Ubigi eSIM provide the most secure and private ways to connect to the Internet.

How do you activate Ubigi eSIM?

  1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet.
  2. Select Mobile Network.
  3. Click Add Carrier, you can now scan your QR Code.
  4. When the device asks for your confirmation, click Start.
  5. The device will automatically install your Ubigi profile.
  6. Your profile is now installed.
  7. Click Done.

How can I get free eSIM?

To receive a free Ubigi eSIM profile for your Android phone, just fill in the Ubigi eSIM form. You will then receive an email with your QR code within minutes, and you’ll only have to scan it with your phone’s camera to download the eSIM profile on your device.

What is the eSIM number?

What is eSIM? eSIM is a new SIM card standard that succeeds traditional, physical SIM cards. Devices that support eSIM have it integrated, and it cannot be physically accessed or removed. Other than that, it functions similarly to a traditional SIM card, connecting your device to a mobile carrier account.

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