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How to use land rover incontrol?

Land Rover InControl® Apps: This feature allows drivers to use their favorite vehicle-optimized smartphone apps for seamless transition from home or work to the roads. Access calendars, music streaming, and more, on your Land Rover touchscreen when you connect your phone to the vehicle’s USB port.

Also, how do you use InControl?

  1. InControl Apps is available on most Android and Apple iOS smartphones. Check if your devices are compatible.
  2. Download and install the InControl Apps launcher on your smartphone. Once successful, open the app.
  3. You will be prompted to follow the Auto Quick Start Guide to complete the set up.

Furthermore, how do you activate a Land Rover InControl?

  1. Visit the My Land Rover InControl website and create an account, entering your email address for a registration email to be sent to you.
  2. You will then be asked to link your Land Rover vehicle to your account to confirm you are the owner or an authorised user.

Likewise, what does the Land Rover InControl app do? Land Rover InControl Apps enables you to use vehicle optimised smartphone apps on the vehicle’s touch screen by connecting your smartphone with a USB cable to the dedicated InControl Apps USB port. Once connected, the apps on the vehicle’s touch screen have the same look and feel as they do on your smartphone.

Another frequent question is, do you have to pay for Land Rover remote? Do you have to pay for Land Rover InControl? The Land Rover InControl App is free to download via both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. However, some of the more advanced features, such as InControl Remote, require a subscription.

How much is InControl Remote subscription?

As a FYI for other forum members, there is only one subscription option which includes InControl Remote (remote start, lock/unlock, beep and flash) and InControl Protect (locate your vehicle if stolen). Cost is $119/year as mentioned above.

How do I know if my Land Rover has InControl?

How do I know if I have InControl on my used vehicle? The overhead console will have two flaps which can be pressed open to reveal the emergency call button (SOS icon) and the Optimized Land Rover Assistance button (spanner icon). If you are in any doubt, please contact your Retailer.

Does Range Rover have remote start?

The Land Rover InControl® Remote™ mobile app, available on Apple® and Android™ devices, allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors, remotely preheat/precool the cabin and remotely start the engine all from your preferred smartphone. Do you have an Apple Watch®?

What is InControl remote premium?

LAND ROVER INCONTROL REMOTE PREMIUM Compatible with most Android and Apple iOS smartphones, this upgraded service allows you to lock/unlock the doors, remotely preheat/precool the car using the climate control function*, or find your car faster by using the Beep and Flash feature.

How do I set up InControl app?

  1. Check the compatibility of your device. InControl Apps is available on most Android and Apple iOS smartphones.
  2. Download and install InControl Apps on your smartphone. Once successful, open the app.
  3. You will now be prompted to follow the Auto Quick Start Guide to complete your set up.

How do I setup my Land Rover remote app?

  1. Depending on your smartphone open the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for Land Rover InControl Apps.
  3. Select Land Rover InControl Apps from the results.
  4. Download, accept and install.
  5. Check installation was successful by looking for the InControl Apps icon on your smartphone.

How do you use the Land Rover route planner app?

Where is my InControl pin?

On the red bar with the title ‘Contact Details’, click on the menu icon on the right hand side. Then click/tap on ‘SECURITY SETTINGS’. You should be able to reset your PIN (below the password reset section) if you enter your password. I hope this works for you.

How do you watch Netflix on a Range Rover?

How do I connect Google Maps to my Range Rover?

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