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Best tyres for land rover freelander 2?

Land Rover Freelander 2 wears tyres of 235/65 R17 104H size.

Also know, what should the TYRE pressure be on a Land Rover Freelander? What is possibly more important with the Freelander 1 is for all four tyres to be at the same pressure and generally a pressure around 30 PSI (2.1 bar) is satisfactory for most conditions. On the Freelander 2 the recommended tyre pressure is 32 PSI (2.21 bar) for both normal conditions and while towing.

Also, does the Freelander 2 have a spare wheel? The Freelander has a fairly traditional off-road shape, while a stylish grille and chrome side vents give it an upmarket feel. … The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that our Freelander comes with an optional full-size spare wheel fitted rather than a space-saver.

Likewise, what tyres are fitted to the discovery sport? Land Rover Discovery Sport Tyre Options 225/65/R17. 235/65/R17. 235/55/R19.

Additionally, what size are Freelander wheel nuts? Nut diameter 12mm and thread pitch M12x1. 5.

What is the tire pressure for 235 65R17?

235/65R17 104 SL is a Standard Load tire with a load index of 104 and a maximum tire load capacity of 1984 lbs @ 36 psi, capable of supporting up to 1984 pounds or 900 kilograms when inflated to its maximum air pressure of 36 pounds per square inch (psi) or 248 kilopascals (kPa).

How do you reset the TYRE pressure on a Discovery sport?

With the vehicle off, turn the key to the “ON” position, but do not start your vehicle. Hold the TPMS reset button until the tire pressure light blinks three times, then release it. Start the car and wait 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh.

What size are Land Rover Tyres?

Land Rover models are equipped with off-road tyres, with sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches. Sample sizes: 195/80 R15 (Freelander), 215/65 R16 (Freelander), 205/80 R16 (Defender), 225/75 R16 (Defender), 255/55 R19 (Range Rover), 275/40 R20 (Range Rover Sport).

What should TYRE pressure be on Discovery sport?

This tyre placard recommends a minimum tyre pressure of 32psi for the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport. This is equal to 220kPa and 2.2 bar.

What wheels will fit Freelander 2?

  1. 15 inch wheels: 195/80 R15.
  2. 16 inch wheels: 215/65 R16.
  3. 17 inch wheels: 225/55 R17.
  4. 18 inch wheels: 235/50 R18.
  5. 19 inch wheels: 245/45 R19.
  6. 20 inch wheels: 245/40 R20.
  7. 22 inch wheels: 295/30 R22.

What is the perfect tire pressure?

Most passenger cars will recommend 32 to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold. The reason you check them cold is that as tires roll along the road, friction between them and the road generates heat, increasing tire pressure.

Should all tires have the same pressure?

Air pressure in tires is measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI; usually, the recommended pressure ranges between 30 and 35 PSI. … It loses air pressure over time.) Even after you’ve replaced your tires, the same pressure guidelines on your car’s label apply to new tires of the same size.

What should I inflate my tires to?

On newer cars, the recommended tire pressure is most commonly listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If there’s no sticker on the door, you can usually find the specs in the owner’s manual. Most passenger cars will recommend 32 psi to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold.

How do you check tire pressure on a Land Rover Discovery?

How does Landrover TPMS work?

The Land Rover Range Rover, Evoque, Sport and Velar are equipped with a direct TPMS system which has TPMS sensors installed in the wheel. If one or more tires indicate low tire pressure, the TPMS sensors will transfer the information to the vehicle’s ECU.

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