Hyundai Tuscon

Quick Answer: How to use hyundai tucson shiftronic?

  1. Paddle Shifters: Press the “+” button on the paddle shifter to upshift and the “-” button paddle shifter to downshift.
  2. Regular Gear Shift: Push the shift lever forward to upshift and pull the lever backward to downshift.

Also the question is, what does automatic with SHIFTRONIC mean? SHIFTRONIC is a unique transmission system which is available on the Hyundai Elantra. This transmission system allows the driver to override the automatic transmission and manually shift gears to gain more control over the car’s performance.

Quick Answer, how do you use the plus and minus on a gear shift?

Subsequently, how do you use slap shift?

People ask also, how do you shift gears in a Hyundai Tucson?

First, take your shift lever and slide it over into the manual shifting position. When in drive, you should be able to move the lever over to the left (or right) to enter the manual shift position. To make your shifts while driving, simply push the lever up to move up a gear or pull it back down to move down a gear.

Is Shiftronic transmission automatic?

A Shiftronic transmission can operate just like a conventional automatic transmission, but it also allows the driver to override the computer’s automatic mode by moving the shift lever into a second shift gate equipped with two spring-loaded positions: “upshift” and “downshift”.

What do the plus and minus mean on my steering wheel?

You’ll find the shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel, on either side. They let you shift up or down through 7 “gears” with some limitations. … Pulling the ‘plus’ paddle on the right upshifts to the next higher gear. Use the ‘minus’ paddle to downshift.

What gear should you drive in?

A good rule of thumb is: higher gears and easy throttle equals less torque and the least amount of wheel spin. Lower gearing and more throttle equals more torque and the most amount of wheel spin. Downhill: Use first gear when driving downhill as a primary source for braking.

What is the button on the gear shift for?

In that case, the button you are asking about is the overdrive-off switch. When you press it you should see an indicator illuminate on the dash saying something like “O/D Off”. As you accelerate in an automatic, the transmission selects a drive gear based on how much you push the accelerator.

What does slap shift mean?

Slap shift usually refers to a tranny with a manual valve body conversion. In other words it’s an automatic but you have to shift it up through the gears by simply “slapping” the shifter. It’s a special kind of shifter.

Is slap stick bad for your car?

Many manufacturers use some variation of Autostick in their vehicles. On some makes, the transmission will automatically shift up if you wait too long to tap the shifter when you’re at red line. It’s a safeguard some vehicles have, but not all. Don’t rely on this feature to prevent engine damage on your vehicle.

Is it bad to shift an automatic manually?

But the good news is that it doesn’t do any harm. Unlike a manual transmission, which forces you to use up a little bit of your clutch disk every time you shift, an automatic transmission uses a fluid to transmit power from the engine to the driveshaft. … That’s not good for the engine or the transmission.

How do you drive a Hyundai Tucson?

When should you shift gears?

Generally, you should shift gears up when the tachometer is around “3” or 3,000 RPMs; shift down when the tachometer is around “1” or 1,000 RPMs. After some experience with driving a stick shift, you’ll be able to figure out when to shift by the way your engine sounds and “feels.” More on that below.

How do you drive a Hyundai automatic?

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