You asked: Is the 2010 or 2011 Mercedes-Benz B200 a good vehicle?

What do you think of the 2010 or 2011 Mercedes-Benz B200?

– Steven



Stand far, far away from the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. If there is one unreliable product, this is it. Think of a problem, you will have it. Seriously, considering how little technology is on board this car, it’s totally incomprehensible that Mercedes-Benz has escaped it so much.

Mercedes-Benz Classe B 2010-1

It should still be noted that the idea behind the B-Class is not bad at all. Its design with a sandwich floor allows it to have a high position while maximizing interior space. There are very interesting volumes, whether for the passengers or in the trunk. In addition, there is a certain driving pleasure behind the wheel.

Mechanically, of course, the Turbo version was to be favored, the regular naturally aspirated 136 horsepower engine being unworthy of the silver star. Even considering that the Turbo has its raison d’être with its 193 horsepower, it is not more reliable than the other. Moreover, they are the same engine blocks from one version to another; therefore, nothing surprising.

There are only a few recalls for the B-Class of the years 2010 and 2011. In fact, there is only one that affects the CVT automatic transmission. For all the other problems, Mercedes-Benz did not see fit to remedy them systematically. It is therefore up to the owner to solve the problems on his own. In the list, just about anything that is connected to an electric wire is at risk: as well say the whole of the car. The rear brakes are also a major source of breakage and premature wear. In their case, it is strongly suggested to take after market parts to remedy the situation.

Mercedes-Benz Classe B 2010-4

There is also another important aspect that you should consider before embarking on the arms of a B-Class. Although it is the base of the range, it does indeed cost no less to maintain. Parts are generally expensive and not always found in the aftermarket due to the car’s limited distribution. Personally, I don’t recommend the B-Class at all.


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