You asked: I’m looking for a toy for my 50th birthday: Campagna T-Rex?

“Hello, I would like to treat myself for my 50th birthday. I am interested in Campagna T-Rex as a summer toy. Am I wrong to believe that these are vehicles with virtually no depreciation? And what do you think of the new RR 2022 model? Finally, can we trust the company since the bankruptcy? “


Hello Jim,

Indeed, the Campagna T-Rex is a toy, nothing more. But it will guarantee you thrills during the summer days. Although odd and difficult to endure on a daily basis, it is still one of the most efficient vehicles when it comes to performance. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t require a motorcycle license to drive it makes it even more interesting. Here are some explanations.

Campagna T-Rex RR 2021

New owners

The company’s financial setbacks in 2019 could indeed repel some consumers. Even though this is now a brand new company and an entirely different administration since 2020, the killer question is, where is Campagna going?

To make a long story short, things are looking good with the arrival of new investors. Campagna Motors still sees lucrative potential in its recreational vehicles which are still selling surprisingly well, especially on the US side.

Campagna T-Rex RR 2021

As proof, in a very short time, Campagna updated the T-Rex range by integrating a new RR model. This drops the old BMW engine in favor of a Kawasaki 4-cylinder engine (a homecoming for the company), specially adapted to the vehicle.

With a displacement of 1.4 liters, this engine produces 208 horsepower, 48 more than the old 1.6-liter of German origin, while producing a torque of 117 pound-feet. It is also important to note that this new engine can revolve up to 10,000 rpm, unlike the old one which was limited to 8,500. It is mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

Campagna T-Rex RR 2021

The T-Rex is still mounted on the same tubular chassis, but several improvements have been made to the vehicle, especially in terms of suspension, tires and brakes. A new traction control system has also been integrated as well as carbon fiber elements that maintain a net mass of only 453 kilos. It is also this incomparable power / weight ratio that allows the T-Rex to be an extraordinary performance machine.

Yes, you got it right: this is a vehicle that retains its resale value very well because of its uniqueness. Maintenance is also inexpensive due to its simple mechanics which are inspired by sport motorcycles. But with a starting price of $ 65,999, you think twice before buying a T-Rex. Remember that at this price, it is possible to get a Porsche 718 Boxster!

Campagna T-Rex RR 2021

Beyond the new RR variant, Campagna aims to increase the offer of its models and to integrate an electric variant in the future. The company says first of all that it wants to rebuild its foundations and consolidate the assembly of components at its head office in Boucherville in order to depend as little as possible on third-party suppliers. Once it restructures itself, one might even expect a complete overhaul of the T-Rex, assembled on a much more modern platform.

In terms of trusting the company, it is still early to say, but everything looks promising for this small Quebec manufacturer.


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