You asked: Why don’t we have the Toyota Yaris Cross in Canada?

“I saw on the internet the Toyota yaris cross. It looks really cool, but my Toyota dealer told me it isn’t sold here. Why ? ”


Hello. It is true that, when we look at a Toyota Yaris Cross, we see all the potential that this small urban SUV would have here. It has a very nice face, a distinctive design and a host of colors all more attractive than the others. We can tell, he stands out.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid AWD

In addition, faithful to the Toyota tradition, it is offered with a hybrid engine that allows the integration of an optional all-wheel drive. This is a whole new generation of vehicles for Toyota. Indeed, it is built on the GA-B platform dedicated to small vehicles. However, what makes it even more enjoyable is undeniably its hybrid powertrain. We’re talking about a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder, essentially a scaled-down version of the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder we know in several Toyota products, including the RAV4.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid AWD

Far from being a “thunderbolt of war”, it develops a power of just 116 horsepower. On the other hand, the contribution of electrification allows a zest of dynamism apparently not negligible, especially in urban driving. Considering its urban vocation, we find the AWD-i all-wheel drive system. The rear electric motor operates only when necessary, such as when accelerating sharply, when conditions deteriorate or when there is a loss of grip.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid AWD

Clearly, the Toyota Yaris Cross has everything to please Canadians. By Toyota Canada’s own admission, we are fully aware that, with the C-HR, we do not really meet the needs of consumers: no integral, no hybrid. When we asked Toyota about the possibility of introducing the Yaris Cross, we learned that it is not in the North American plans. The main argument comes from the sale price, which would be far too high to be competitive in the segment, despite the contribution of electrification.


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